Stephen Benanti

Stephen Benanti Board of Directors
Mr. Benanti was an accident reconstruction specialist for the Massachusetts State Police from 1984 until his retirement in 2004.  He received his specialized training from the MSP, IPTM, NUTI, TEEX, SAE and the Colorado School of Mines.  In addition Mr. Benanti has attended numerous seminars sponsored by accident reconstruction organizations throughout the country.  Mr. Benanti has been an instructor in accident investigation and reconstruction courses for the MSP as well as other State Police agencies and was on the adjunct faculty for IPTM.

Mr. Benanti has been ACTAR accredited (#179) since April of 1993 and has been an ATSSA Certified Work Site Supervisor since 1994.  Mr. Benanti holds a Master of Science Degree in Criminal Justice from Westfield State College.

Mr. Benanti has owned and operated an accident reconstruction business since 1986 which provides consulting services and expert testimony.  He has testified numerous times in various State and Federal Courts as an expert witness in accident reconstruction issues.

Mr. Benanti is a member of 11 associations and organizations which promote accident reconstruction information and training.

He can be reached at 50 Wood Street Groveland , Massachusetts 01834
Phone: (978) 373-8328
FAX:   (978) 373-8329